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Saipa Azerbaijan Company

1st Site of Azerbaijan Saipa Company

With an initial capital of 400,000,000/-IRR divided into 40,000 shares of 10,000/-IRR, 1st Site of Azerbaijan Saipa Company (former Sane’) had been established in 1975 through the participation of the Organization for the Development and Modernization of Industries of Iran, the private sector and the Hawker Siddeley Company of England under the name of Haksiran Diesel, to manufacture various types of high-speed diesel engines under the license of the Hawker Siddeley Institute. This factory was put into operation in 1978 with an infrastructure of 20,000 square meters located in the Qaramalek industrial area of Tabriz. From the beginning of its operation until the end of 1981, the company imported various types of diesel engines as separate CKD parts from England and sold them to the market after assembly. During 1979 and 1981, the stock of Hawker Siddeley Company and subsequently the private sector was transferred to the Iran Industries Development and Modernization Organization, and in 19696, following the adoption of new goals by the Development Organization, it was recognized as an engine company for supplying automobile engines to the related companies., In 1997, the whole stock of Sane’ company was transferred to Pars Khodro. Also, the legal personality of this company was changed from a private stock to a public one in March 2002, and succeeded in receiving the ISO9002 standard certificate from Germany.

In 1980, due to the purchase of Pars Khodro Company by Saipa Company, Sane’ Company was fully owned by Mega Motor Company, which is a subsidiary company of Saipa and produces and machines the cylinder block and crankshaft of the Pride car.


2nd Site of Azerbaijan Saipa Company

The 2nd Site of Azerbaijan Saipa Company (former Iran Textile Industries), which is located in the West Tabriz Industrial Complex, was established for manufacturing ring spinning machines and producing spindles and spinning tension systems, and it managed to offer its production in 1988. Through the acquisition of superior technology, which was considered the most advanced technology in Europe, it continued to manufacture ring spinning machines during the 1990s, and after that, Iran Textile Industries Company managed to sell 420 ring spinning machines in 480, 592, and 1072 models until 1999.

The shares of this company were bought by Mega Motor Company in 1999, which currently operates in the field of manufacturing car parts and has been able to go through the progressing process during the last few years. After expert and engineering reviews and assessments, both Sane’ and Iran Textile Industries were finally merged with the decision of Mega Motor Company in October 2013 and continued to operate under the name of Azerbaijan Saipa.